Saturday, June 18, 2011

Udaipur To Chittorgarh Distance

Udaipur is the world's beautiful and clean city. You guys might also know that it is also called the city of lakes. If you visit udaipur and don't plan to see chittorgarh then it's not really worth it. You should and MUST see the Chittorgarh.

Chittorgarh is 112 Kilo Meter from udaipur if you are coming from bus.
If you are coming from other area, you might want to consider AIR way. Dabok airport is the nearest one. Chittorgarh is about 90 Kilo meters from the Dabok Airport. [Not to mention that Dabok Airport is an Internation Airport with world class facilities]You can hire a taxi which will cost you about $20- $25 or there are public and government buses and fare is also only $2 :-) Yup that's the truth, you get it right.
One of the Cheapest way to reach Chittorgarh is by train.
A Local train costs about $0.40 or 40 Cents (speed upto 80 Km/H)
An Express train costs $1 (speed upto 120 Km/H)
Isn't it interesting and cheap? Yeah it is.
So if you are planning to visit India then Chittorgarh city of the rajasthan is supposed to be in your list.
Stay tuned to get more information about Chittorgarh.


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